Lasma Works

Lasma Works is a painting service based on customer requests using pencils, colored pencils and digital. Lasma Works was opened in 2018 and was started by Lasma Manullang through orders from close friends.

Since 2018 until now, Lasma Works has produced 302 pencil and colored pencil paintings ordered by customers from various regions, especially Jakarta and its surroundings. In 2023, Lasma Works will start accepting orders from abroad, especially around Southeast Asia.

Currently Lasma Works offers 2 realistic painting and digital illustration services. 


Realist paintings are paintings that are made to resemble the original object 90% or more. These paintings can be made from various media and Lasma Works has the specialty of realistic paintings, especially human portraits, using pencils and colored pencils.

Until now, this type of painting is the favorite type of painting ordered by our customers to be used as a birthday gift, wedding celebration, farewell or as a memento of loved ones who have passed away.


Digital illustration is a service provided by Lasma Works at the beginning of 2021. Lasma Manullang, who is very interested in the world of digital illustration, has only developed his abilities at the beginning of 2021. Lasma Works has received several trusts for character orders to be printed on t-shirts, birthday themes, and children's books.

With this digital illustration, customers will of course get a product that can be used and printed repeatedly.

For current orders, you can check THIS page.

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